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Constant Contact Bulk Email Marketing

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Some of today’s most successful companies fail to realize that they have an extremely powerful marketing medium at their disposal, their existing client base. By communicating with their existing database, not only are the clients reminded that the company is still in operation, they are also kept informed of all special offers, maintaining an ongoing client - supplier relationship.

With the advent of the internet this has been made much easier and more expedient than in the past. One had to rely on newspapers, billboards, flyers, or postal advertising, most of which are currently showing diminishing response rates and increasing costs. Today you can send personalized, targeted marketing messages for a fraction of the cost, with much higher response rates than traditional methods.

Even successful businesses require massive marketing budgets to sustain their viability and long-term growth. Too many people underestimate the power of maintaining contact with their existing clients. It can be extremely beneficial to keep them informed of any improvements, special offers or to even to remember to wish them on personal events.

Extensive research has shown that the simple gesture of wishing a client well on their birthday has had astounding results: Brand loyalty increased drastically, referrals increased by up to 30%, repeat purchases also increased drastically. People today are looking for a more “personal touch”.

With such amazing findings, this extremely powerful marketing medium is an asset to any business’ success.

The popular reality show The Apprentice recently highlighted the difference this form of marketing could make in a business. The team that won had sent out one email to 23 000 prospective brides for a special one day only sale, whereas the other team had flyers printed. The winning team made twelve times more profit and that without the email containing a contact phone number.