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Constant Contact Bulk Email Marketing

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Key Features:

Support for future dated message sending.

Support for: Plain Text Email, HTML Email, SMS, MMS(On Request).

User Friendly

Detailed reporting on all messages following delivery.

Advanced scheduler allows for selection and sending to users meeting specific criteria.

User customisable data fields, allowing for storage of additional information e.g. Birthdates, etc.

Unsubscribe module ensures an unsubscribe facility is attached to all outgoing messages.

Online HTML editor makes message editing easy.

Facility to upload existing HTML messages & images

Facility to attach any file of your choice to outgoing email messages.

A wide range of Syncronise modules are available, allowing for seamless integration into existing systems.

Facility to upload new data and databases.

User Module provides support for multiple users with various access levels.

Optional SMS / MMS reply service forwards replies directly to your Inbox.

Group-Based data organisation allows for segmentation of database according to your own criteria.

Bounce handler on Email handles all returned messages, automatically, updating clients state on reciept and forwarding only useful messages to you.

Complete mail-merge facility on both Email and SMS messages allows for insertion of any data into any outgoing messages