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Constant Contact Bulk Email Marketing

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User Profiles

Multi Level User Profile manager allows addition and Removal of user privileges, allowing only certain people access to certain functions in the system:


HTML Editor

Our Online HTML Editor allows you to edit outgoing Messages in a convenient, familiar Word like (WYSIWYG) editor, allowing you to see your changes immediately:



Our Advanced Scheduler is organised by date and is split into 3 sections:

Once-Off schedules
All active, once off schedules are listed here

Recurring schedules
All active Recurring Schedules are listed here (e.g. Birthdays, etc)

Inactive Schedules
All unapproved messages are listed here, they will move to either Once off or Recurring on final approval



Our Reporting Facility provides information to allow you to track and monitor your campaign:

Recieved Emails
A useful indicator to show if your messages are being read. Due to MS blocking most read tracking methods, it only accounts for around 40% of all sent messages.

Total number of E-mails bounced back to our servers due to invalid e-mail addresses etc. These people are automatically marked inactive in the database. A full list is available at the bottom of the page

Total number of clients who have unsubscribed from your client base after a specific message. A complete list is available further down the page

Total number of replies on a specific message forwarded to you

Total Sent
Total number of messages dispatched from our servers in a specific schedule

A complete listing on all hyperlinks on your page and the number of clicks.