Pan African Refineries
Company Profile

Pan African Refineries (Pty) Ltd is a world class Gold Refinery situated near Krugersdorp, in the province of Gauteng in South Africa.
Pan African Refineries is managed by a dynamic team of highly skilled South Africans and is a prime example of a company that has taken the initiative in the gold sector by producing gold by non conventional methods by utilising metallurgy and chemistry to extract gold from organic waste. We buy/toll-treat carbonatious gold bearing material and also buy unwrought gold (gold dust, dory bars, and nuggets) from various local and international suppliers.

Pan African Refineries has a fully equipped Refinery as well as a complete CIL Recovery Plant including a CSIR designed and licensed Fluidised Bed Combustor/Furnace, concentrators, laboratory and workshops.

Pan African Refineries facilitate and promotes Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment through the combined process of skills and personal development as well as wealth creation through equity ownership.
Board Members

 Chairman Managing Director Director: Legal Director: Operations

The board of Pan African Refineries (Pty) Ltd is chaired by former Deputy Minister for Safety and Security, Joe Matthews, the son of activist and anti-apartheid stalwart, ZK Matthews, on whose behalf he received the State President's "Order of Luthuli - Gold" award during the National Awards Ceremony - 2004.

Joe's contemporaries describe him as a strong, modest, composed man; an intense politician capable of achieving the impossible; a passionately loving father; an individual with a brilliant mind and a healthy sense of humour and definitely someone you want on your side.

Joe Matthews attributes the world's tremendous interest in South Africa since its bold yet peaceful transformation into a successful democracy to the fact that individuals living in this country, who are from different backgrounds, are working together to create our new South Africa. He holds the opinion that South Africans will have to work diligently at finding solutions for the socio-economic challenges we face and that individuals have to realize that we all have a role to play by staying positive and participating in the reconstructive process.
Social Responsibility

Pan African Refineries’ commits to job creation, skills development, entrepreneurial development and poverty alleviation. This initiative underpins our commitment to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

Through on-the job training and study programmes Pan African Refineries promotes the development of job-specific skills, upgrading customer service levels and providing opportunities for employees at all levels to develop skills, thereby assuring their future career development and promotability.

Pan African Refineries promotes a non-racial, non-sexist environment, in which cultural and personal diversities are recognized, respected and encouraged.
Health and Safety

A structured health, safety and environmental management system shall be implemented and maintained on each site with due regard to identified hazards and the implementation of control measures to eliminate or minimise such hazards to an acceptable level by establishing appropriate and achievable goals and standards.

The aspect of Health and Safety Management is an interdisciplinary function encompassing all the major functions and activities of the activities within the Company and therefore, extends to all levels and divisions.

Responsibility for Health and Safety management activities is not, therefore, vested only in the Health and Safety Control Personnel, but shall be the responsibility of each and every person in Company from the Managing Director to the lowest rank employee.

The Management of Pan African Refineries are committed to implementing the Health and Safety Management System to ensure that the highest standard of health and safety is maintained throughout all stages the Company’s activities.